1973 - "Imilla" (Mónica Ertl) is killed in the heights of La Paz by the government's security service. Ukaski, an Argentine student dies along with her.
Born in 1937, Monika Ertl travels to Bolivia at the age of 13 with her father: he had been classified as a Nazi by the Allied Forces. (Hans Ertl: cameraman, 'Olympia' by Leni Riefenstahl). Monika joins the E.L.N. headed by Inti Peredo, until he is murdered by the Bolivian Secret Service organized by Klaus Altmann (Klaus Barbie, "the butcher of Lyon") in service of the CIA. Together with Beate and Serge Klarsfeld, Monika plans to kidnap Klaus Barbie and to deliver him to the French Police. Upon discovering these plans, Barbie orders her execution.
“Wanted: Monika Ertl" - documentary by Christian Baudissin. Notes from Z.D.F. German TV
May 15 - Maj. Andrés Selich Chop, Commander of the Rangers Regiment that captured Ché, is murdered in La Paz at the house of Alfredo Arce, Minister of the Interior during the current presidency of Gen. Hugo Banzer. Selich, who had been captured on charges of conspiracy, had apparently assaulted Banzer. Official versions give an accidental fall down the stairs –while handcuffed– as the cause of his death. According to the autopsy, his death was due to blows received in vital organs.
May 11 - Gen. Joaquín Zenteno Anaya, Bolivian ambassador and Commander of the Army's 8th Division during the Ñancahuazú guerrilla conflict, is murdered in Paris.
The commander of the Rangers Division that captured Ché, Gen. Joaquín Zenteno Anaya, is murdered on Kennedy Avenue in Paris on May 11,1976. Two French gunmen are being held in jail, but it is not clear who ordered the killing. The reason for this is believed to have been a dispute between military men over control of power in Bolivia. The Ché Guevara International Brigade claims responsibility.
June 2 - Gen. Juan José Torres, Chief of the General Staff in 1967, and exiled in Argentina, becomes president and is overthrown by his own comrades in arms. A paramilitary posse in dictator Jorge Videla's time shoots Torres dead in Buenos Aires. The case was never cleared.
The commander of the squad that captured Ché, Capt. Gary Prado, is accidentally shot in 1981 during the dictatorship of Gen. García Meza. He is left paralyzed as a consequence of that wound.
Gen. Alfredo Ovando, Commander in Chief during 1967, dies of natural causes in 1982. His life after Ché's death was marked by family tragedies.
February 5 - Klaus Barbie (Klaus Altmann), an advisor to the Bolivian Secret Service, and associated with the CIA., is apprehended on charges of defrauding the Estate's Mining Company. He is afterwards expelled from Bolivia and turned over to the French Military Police, charged with crimes against humanity in France during the Nazi occupation.
Barbie, The Butcher of Lyon, Dictionary of Culprits and Criminals, George C. Kohn.
1985 - Unexpected news: Sotheby's Auction House in London is offering the two original notebooks of Ché Guevara's diary, along with the original of Pombo's (Harry Villegas Tamayo) diary. These documents had been under the custody of the Bolivian Army Command.
November 20 - Retired Bolivian Army Gen. Mario Vargas Salinas reveals the site of a mass grave under the airstrip at Vallegrande where Che's body is buried.
“Where Is Che Guevara Buried? A Bolivian Tells" - Jon Lee Anderson, The New York Times.
December 12 - Due to the lack of support by the Bolivian army, and after having found the skeletons of three guerrillas yet to be identified, the Argentinean Forensic Archaeology Team decides to temporarily suspend the search for the remains of Che Guevara in the old Vallegrande airstrip.
“The search for Che's remains is suspended" - La Nación, Buenos Aires.